READ ME FIRST!!! MaChIAto (Microhomology-associated Chromosomal Integration/editing Analysis tools); a comprehensive analysis software that can precisely classify, deeply analyze, correctly align, and thoroughly review the targeted amplicon s...

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Quick Start

We demonstrate a simple example. 1. Download MaChIAto with example filesEnter the following command terminal after you download and install Docker Desktop: https://docs.docker.com/engine/install/#desktop. 12# Download Docker image for MaChIAto Cla...

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The MaChIAto consists of python and R with various packages other developers established. So the installation process is complex. However, you can quickly install MaChIAto using the docker container. Install MaChIAto using the docker (Strongly Rec...

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Usage of MaChIAto Reviewer

Parameter listSummary directory:The summary directory generated with “collect_MaChIAto_data.py”. Output prefix:The directory into which the output directory is saved. Template commandRscript MaChIAto_Reviewer/MaChIAtoReviewer.R (Summary direc...

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